more than a collection...

All plans expressed on this page refer to future steps,
that the project will make after Tamaki Apes.

more than a collection...

We are not another social club...
But a Culture Shifter Group
That will change the Web3 space.

We exist to exceed all limits and expectations.

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We are not another social club... But a Culture Shifter Group
That will change the Web3 space.
We exist to exceed all limits and expectations.

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What makes us unique

Tamaki Apes NFT collection is a revenue shared project that prioritizes long term value creation for its holders. With a focus on revenue sharing, the project aims to provide a sustainable and equitable distribution of profits among its participants. By aligning the interests of its holders with the success of the project, Tamaki Apes NFT collection seeks to build a strong community of invested individuals who will help drive its growth and success. With its commitment to long term value creation, Tamaki Apes NFT collection will become a leading player as a Blue Chip in the NFT space.

(Percentages TBC/All RS will be after expenses and cost of production and creation of products)

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TAMAKI APES.the story.

The legend of Tamaki started...

So many good years went by for the original Tamaki Apes, until a time of great sorrow came and created dark times, until one day a brave one; decided that he would not tolerate the history of Tamaki’s to be dark times for ever.​

For the kingdom of Tamaki to be created and the forest realm to be formed, this brave one went and searched every corner of the planet, to bring the brightest, bravest and visionary individuals;  and together build a future filled with prosperity and good fortune for the Tamaki kingdom.

And this is how, from the Tamaki Apes origins was born THE TAMAKI COLLECTIVE, the beginning of our true story. ​

The BIG question and answer: Why Tamaki Apes?

We focus in delivering value and long-term return of investment to our holders.

We are building a full ECOSYSTEM around our brand. Our difference between other NFT communities and projects is that we understand that our real value will be in our assets. And we have 3 core principles:

1. Our access key: This is the owning and holding NFT’s from our 2 main collections Tamaki Apes and Tamaki Collective. For every set the holder has (Tamaki Original NFT and Tamaki Collective), it represents one key.

2. Our future developments: Products, ecosystem and future projects that will be develop.

OUR Token

A utility-based ecosystem, with a token as our core. We will create the necessity for our token, which will make it grow in value and bring a real return of investment.

As any company, our holders with 10+ keys will be airdropped every year an amount in our token that will be the equal to dividends; also, the staking of our assets will give our holders a steady flow of our token. And many more perks to come.

And within time this will represent real monetary value. And this will be OUR CORE PRINCIPLE in delivering value to our community.

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THe Tamaki COLLECTIVE future

We are in the process of creating a paradise, that will be guarded by our Tamaki Apes forever, our ecosystem, we dream and work for our ecosystem to become the biggest conglomerate in Web3.

Some components of the Ecosystem
we want to build


The BOutique

A unique integration of luxury shopping with our native token, where holders will be able to:

  • Buy our exclusive Merch in our online store
  • Artesian Design physical assets of their NFT's
  • Unique traits for their current NFT's that will develop exclusive access collections with personalized traits.
  • And much more.

Jungle paradise playground

Gen 1 holders will always have chilling priority in our future development, along site with unique gifts, drops and staking benefits.

Creative Valley

  • Unique 1 on 1 traits with our classic traits.
  • Curated following connections that with stacking will earn $TAMZ.

Apes Fortress

Dedicates channels in our Jungle Discord for raiding curated collections, follow up of high return investments and pursue of unique assets. The front line of our DAO.


The Tamaki Bank

Our token-omics focused on becoming a utility asset that will be swappable to other crypto currencies to have financial benefits, bringing special dividends to year staking holders.


Coliseum of Apes

A dedicated space for entertainment in which our holders and members will be able to:

  • Play with your assets
  • Challenge other holders
  • Challenges on Assets in game fights
  • Holders; Poker tournaments
  • Build tribes and challenge other earn staking prices between tribes and been the champion of the games.

All in a safe environment.


Action palace

A studio built to tokenize Web3 assets and that will allow all our members to be owners of blue chip NFT’s, Unique Art Pieces and valuable assets on Web3. With the highest standards of provenance, transparency, and management.


THe tamaki social club

A unique benefit that will allow our holders and members to participate in exclusive experiences such as:
• Conferences
• Concerts  
• VIP experiences
• Collective conventions
• And much more.


The Rainforest Realm dao

A specific location in which our members and holders will be able to invest in curated project outside of our environment, we will be assembling a community wallet controlled by a community DAO.​
And the projects will be analyzed, doxed and examined by our group of experts to ensure the maximum profit, sustainability and growth on investment.​
All the negotiations will be through the collective DAO to have a major stake in selected projects, negotiating discounted prices that will be translated to our collective DAO, ensuring a diversified and healthy portfolio.

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The Roles and being a part of our Ecosystem

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Grand Ape

Web3 passionate entrepreneur, expert in marketing, with a experience of over 12 years been director in international companies. Passionate about NFT with a portfolio to be proud of.


Chief Ape

With multimillion dollar companies formed under his direction, has sold companies to IBM and build companies with multiple investments series combining multimillion dollar valuations for these companies.

Dr. Zaius

CF Ape

Veteran in wealth management, partner of a CPA famous firm that has more than one billion under management.


Lead Engineer Ape

Expert technology developer with more than 6-years’ experience on full stack and 2 years experience on Web3 endeavors.

Miss Ann

Creative Design Ape

International experience leading design teams in multinational famous companies.


Socialite Ape

Expert in digital marketing, has worked in the influencer marketing era since it earliest beginnings, knowing the market and the way to make thing move around.