The roles and being part of our ecosystem

• The basic level is to have minimum a key (One NFT from Tamaki Apes Original Collection and One NFT from Tamaki Collective Collection).

​• Without the twin pair of the collections, the holder can not access our full ecosystem and benefits. (The NFT doesn’t have to be the same) But for every Tamaki Apes Original Collection NFT the holder has, they need to have a Tamaki Apes Collective NFT. ​

• Our Roadmap is not only a plan, is a series of actions that will cause a revolution in the Web3 Space. Holding the original KEY to the realm from the beginning will have unprecedent benefits in a future.

​• The number of keys a holder has will grant them access to different levels of the Realm, all the way to becoming a member of the Ape Council.

How will the tamaki
Realm work?


  • Own a Tamaki Ape Artifacts (NFT) / Tamaki Collective Twin.

Holders will be able to mint the Tamaki Collective Asset (NFT) that is generated from the original Tamaki Apes Collection (NFT). If the holders have an Original trait in Tamaki Apes Collection they will be able to mint their Evolution Trait or viceversa in the Tamaki Collective Collection.


The Key to paradise; having a twin pair (Tamaki Apes and Tamaki Collective Artifacts “NFT”) it is known as the key and it is the only way to get access to our ecosystem and benefits, both NFT’s need to have royalties payed in full; they do not need to be the exact pair.

OUR evolution

Our inspiration and focus comes from providing value always, thoughout any step we take big or small. We believe that time always gives the right answer. We do not focus on today only, but on every strategical decision to build a succesful future.

We build our own Token $TAMZ that nobody knows, but everyone will want and need. $TAMZ will play a unique role in our ecosystem and becoming the most important asset in STAKING model that has been ever seen.

The Ape Round table

This will be a permanent counsel conformed by the most important members of the community that will help to achieve our goals while having the best interest of the community in hand always.