Tamaki Collective

The evolution of the Jungle that would change the space.

Tamaki Collective is a collection of 5,555 apes that came to Web3 world to become a change in culture, community and asset holding.

We thrive for incredible ideas, unique art and value to our holders.  Delivered through:
• Unique collections
• Amazing Art
• Investment Pull
• Analytic Tools
• Unique activities and exclusive perks for holders

OUR mantra

We are a group of passionate NFT collectors wanting to build something more than just a f*cking social club, so we created a Jungle.

We want to change, grow, invested, and bring value to the Web3 space with real benefits and value for existing and new investors.

The evolution of our Tamaki Apes has been centered in generating them into real value assets that will create revenue for their holders in a long term.  By creating an amazing ecosystem that will allow the future development of Web3 assets and benefits like nothing seen until now.

We are the revolution to
a f*cked up system

We are full of positive vibes, but more than that we are driven by delivering constant value to our holders, members and investors.

Long term value + Amazing curated art + Community + Exclusivity = TAMAKI APES