Following Steps
in our story


First semester 2023


Mint of Tamaki Collective Collection

  • Community pre-sale with special benefit.
  • Minting for holders.
  • Minting of twin Key Collections for general public.

Tamaki Collective and Special surprise for loyal holders.


Late 2023

TBC Drop of our New Collection

While we cannot provide specific details about the collection at this time, as they are still to be confirmed (TBC), we can share with you our general vision and direction.

Our upcoming collection will be designed to bring unique value to the NFT ecosystem and provide new opportunities for our community to engage with our project. We are exploring a wide range of themes and concepts that we believe will resonate with our audience and help us continue to grow and evolve as a project.

We will also be introducing exciting new features and benefits that will be exclusive to our upcoming collection. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and rewarding experience for all NFT enthusiasts, and we believe that this new collection will be a significant step towards achieving that vision.



Starts General Execution on litepaper objectives.


Our Core and soul

We consider our NFT’s more than assets, they are key pieces of our ecosystem. We are centered in the earning of our tokens for our holders, staking of assets and the general design of our exchange structure; Our vision is for our assets and tokens to be what no one thinks they need, but when they enter our ecosystem, everybody wants.

We will always focus on consistently grow in value for our holders.