What represents a revenue shared project?

Tamaki Apes NFT collection operates as a revenue shared project that offers yearly airdrops of profits to its holders. The level of ownership of NFTs within the project determines a holder's eligibility for the revenue sharing program. The revenue source for the project is generated through its NFT collections, ecosystems, and established revenue streams, which are deposited into a trustworthy fund for secure and transparent compounding and multiplication. The project is committed to providing a secure and transparent revenue sharing program that offers long-term value to its holders. By ensuring that profits are distributed equitably among its participants, Tamaki Apes NFT collection is building a strong community of invested individuals who are helping to drive its growth and success.​

HOW WILL THE Revenue Share
model will work

With Tamaki Collective:​

After cost of rebuild; contracts, structure, bugs, advisory, interest and contractors (Amount to be define)​​
The remaining will be allocated as follows:​
• Team: 20%​
• Operations: 20%​
• Marketing: 20%​
• Development of whitepaper: 20%​
• Revenue Share Pool: 20% ​​

The revenue shared pool will be invested on a fund chosen democratically by the community. For a period of 365 days after collection is sold out.

All other collections, ecosystem and royalties:​​​ (After all cost of building)

• Development: 20%​
• Team: 20%
• ​Marketing: 20%​
• Auditing: 10%​
• Revenue Shared Pool: 30%​

All proceeds and profits from the revenue share model will be allocated to holder according to percentage owned of assets and in a democratic way thru voting process on official discord channel. ​​Audit reports will be done and presented every semester.​All decisions will be made by the Ape Council that will be a group of majority stake holder, that will act as a board of directors.

The different levels in revenue sharing

Revenue Sharing participants

Levels of ownership for revenue share


Assets to be hold in each group

6 to 9
Tamaki Apes
Mighty Apes

The different levels on token multipliers

Staking of token

Assets in holding


1 to 10
11 to 30
31 up
31 up